Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice First Impression

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally here and I have seen it. Usually, I try to avoid reviews. However, it is difficult to miss headlines like "Critics Tearing Apart BVS!" and "Why BVS Sucks," so yeah, I knew the reviews were bad. But hey, low expectations are not always a bad thing, right? Well, BVS was definitely fun at times, but long story short, if you were excited and already planned to see it, nothing I'll say that will change your mind. If you were not excited, there is no reason to go watch it if you disliked Man of Steel. I'll save the rest for the full review, which will come tomorrow or the next day. After my review is written, I'll go check out everyone else's reviews, and if you want, post a link to your review in the comments for me and others to see it.

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  1. Mine's already posted. I'll pop back to read yours tomorrow!


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