Sunday, September 13, 2015

Latest Lindsey Stirling Epic Violin Music Videos

If you remember, on occasion, I like to highlight one of my favorite musicians, Lindsey Stirling, and her magnificent violin music! While I am personally a little disappointed that she has moved towards covers and collaborations with singers to add vocals to her music instead of her wonderful original pieces, she has, nevertheless, released several excellent music videos that you should check out. Let me know what you think of them, and I apologize for the lack of quality content by me (although a big shoutout to the guest author crew for picking up the slack in the last two weeks!). That is because of my constant arm issues, but I hope to get back to posting more of the usual content soon!

Roundtable Rival

Senbonzakura cover

We Are Giants ft Dia Frampton

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  1. Nice post. I have heard all of these tracks. Sebonzakura is my favorite. It would be cool if Sterling made some more original music.

  2. Wow, an animated music video. Interesting! She's so creative!

  3. I have played the top two a hundred times, but I personally prefer the covers, since it is apparent that many of the original tracks start from the exact same melody. When everything sounds the same, it's harder to get behind. This is not to deny that her work is really fun listening though-see my opening statement.


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