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Agents of SHIELD: Turn, Turn, Turn Review

Taking place during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, "Turn, Turn, Turn" gives viewers of The Winter Soldier a necessary and satisfying followup that expands on the aftermath of the film.
Again, do not read more if you have not seen the episode! Now, Grant and Garrett are apart of HYDRA! Completely did not see the twist coming! Bill Patxon has been my favorite part of the series of late, and him turning out to be apart of HYDRA is a little disappointing since I liked him character so much, but Paxton is also an awesome villain as he crews every second of his screen time.
With the fall of SHIELD, Agents of SHIELD is going to have to take an entirely new direction. No longer will we have SHIELD as a big organization that it once was. The possibilities are endless and exciting!
Ward's action scene was great, although compared to the incredibly superior ones that I witnessed several hours earlier that day in The Winter Soldier, it is not the most impressive. But in terms of TV action scenes, I have yet to one better this year.
Not surprisingly, May says that she was working for Fury to keep an eye on him in case he figures out how he came back from the dead. However, the tension of knowing that HYDRA has infiltrated SHIELD made the scene more suspenseful nonetheless.
My only issue with the episode is that one scene with Skye and Ward when Ward finally admits that he loves Skye. While it was a nice character moment, it was a little cliched in terms having a romantic moment during a dangerous situation.
As for the utterly shocking ending with Ward killing Hand, that was completely unexpected. Not only did one of the top agents in SHIELD go down, Ward is the one that did it. However, Hand handing over the gun to Ward for him to shoot Garrett did not make the most. I know she wanted to dispose of him, but that seemed a little out of place. My only concern is that Hand and Ward set the whole thing up to trick Garrett, but considering what happened in the most recent episode, that is unlikely. On a side note, in retrospect, the series seemed like it was stalling until The Winter Soldier was released so that it could enact its true plan of chronicling life after the fall of SHIELD. Coulson's secret of how he survived was given resolution and we did have the awesome Asgardian crossover, but there were some generic network TV type episodes in-between, which added little to the overall story. Fortunately, with the Winter Soldier is finally giving Agents of SHIELD an important purpose in the Marvel universe. Also, you gotta like Garrett referencing Sitwell recruiting HYDRA agents in SHIELD, and how the picture above basically symbolizes how SHIELD is broken.

Overall: 9.9/10- With yet another incredible episode, Agents of SHIELD fully displays how great the series can be as it points towards an exciting new direction that series is taking with the Fall of SHIELD. One more thing, "Hail HYDRA!"

Note: I have already scene the most recent episode and my review for that will be coming Monday.

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  1. This was my favorite episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. yet! :D I loved all the twists the episode took(SHIELD falling, Ward and Garrett being villains and a part of HYDRA, etc). I remember being so excited after finishing the episode and I can't wait to see what happens next with these new developments. I do hope Triplett isn't a villain too, since I like him as a character. All in all, the best episode of the series yet and I look forward to the rest of the season! :) (I've seen the most recent episode too, and I thought it was also very good- looking forward to your thoughts on it).

    1. Agreed, best episode yet! :D I know! I felt the same way! The series is definitely becoming a must-watch. I don't think Triplett is a villain, and I have some thoughts on his character in the review for the next episode.



    I think a strong and charismatic villain is exactly what this show needed, and I'm so excited to see where they're going to go with this! Bill Paxton has been full of shiny awesome on this show, and although I wish Garrett wasn't HYDRA, I'm still going to greatly enjoy watching him match wits with Coulson and Company.

    Also, in retrospect, of course Ward admitting he fell in love with Skye is cliche! He's a Bad Guy! He's messing with her head, saying he loves her in hopes that he'll be able to get her to feed him info or something in the future. I didn't find him convincing in the moment, and I sure don't think he loves her now. Or at least, I hope he doesn't, cuz... I've really never liked Ward much, and I'm almost kind of sort of happy he's a bad guy cuz now I don't have to feel bad that I don't like him.

    And oh man, now that we know Ward is Hydra, that little conversation with Skye about surviving torture? So Very Creepy!

    All in all, this episode made me go from "Well, I supposed I should watch the next Agents of SHIELD" to "WHEN IS THE NEXT EPISODE?!?!?!?! I NEED MORE!!!!" Kind of switched from half-hearted to absolute fangirling in one ep, which is pretty groovy.

    1. Agreed! Bill Paxton is all kinds of shiny awesomeness. He is going to be a truly great villain if he survives past this season.

      In regards to that Ward/Skye moment, have you seen the recent episode yet? Without spoiling anything, he does kind of have feelings for her, but you are right that part of his actions are based on him trying to get information. Excellent point!

      Exactly my thoughts of the about the series! I can't wait to see the next episode! This new twists makes the series so much more exciting and a definite must see.


  3. Great review, James!
    This episode has got to be one of-if not the-best episodes AOS has had to offer, I mean, really. Awesome. Which is saying a lot, 'cos they've had brilliant episodes before, but this episode? Marvelous.
    The reveal about [spoilers] being the Clairvoyant was just out of the blue for me. Awesome. Really.
    Thanks for the link!

    1. Thanks Tegan!
      Agreed, I have to say that it is the best thus far.
      I completely did not see the Clairvoyant reveal coming at all! Such a great twist!



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