Sunday, May 15, 2011

Funny Star Wars videos and awesome Star Wars websites.

Some really cool Star Wars the Old Republic webcomics Star Wars the Old Republic webcomics

A really good site if you want to make your own fan film The


  1. I could only see the second on but it was funny. People shoud not assault Jar-Jar
    There is one like this with the scene of Leia on the Death Satr. It's on the 'About Me' page on my blog. This was a funny post!

  2. Did the first video not work? I saw the Leia one on your blog so I decided to post the Jar Jar one. :D

  3. Actually it started to load but it a little slow. We have an old computer :p

  4. LOL those were funny!!!

    I like your blog, my brother and I love lego movies.

  5. Oh my goodness! That was SO funny! The Jar Jar Binks one was hilarious!!

  6. Haha!!!!! That was HILARIOUS!!!!!! I love the Leia one. The Jar-Jar one was so funny! Poor Jar-Jar...and when Darth Maul came I was laughing so hard!!!


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