Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The anwsers to the Name That Star Wars speices quiz.

The anwsers.
Speices: Homeworld
1: Bith: Clak'dor:
2:Iridonian (Zabrak is a sub-species of a Iridonian if you guessed Zabrak it still counts): Iridonia and Dathomir
3: Jawa: Tatooine
4: Rakata: Lehon(also know as unknown world) This one is really hard to get right if you did not play the video game Star Wars KOTOR (Knight of the Old Republic) they started the Infinite Empire 35,000 BBY and built the Star Forge. They later became extinct 1,000 BBY if you want to more know play Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic.
5: Rodain: Rodia
6: Twi'lek: Ryloth
7:Selkath:Manaan: (First appearance was in KOTOR but they also appeared in other EU sources)
8:Tandoshan: Trandosha, also known as Dosha or Hsskhor

The winner is Barriss Offee

1. Bith from Tatooine
2. Zabrack from Dathomir
3. Jawas from Tatooine
4. I have no idea. Mon Cal?
5. Rodian from Rodia
6. Twi'Lek from Ryloth
7. No idea
8. Trandoshan

 Kisho Meteora was the only one to get number 4.

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  1. I'm bad at species XD Congrats Barriss!

  2. Congrats Barriss!! I'll win next time (LOL)!! ^__^

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