Friday, August 12, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer 2

During the Olympics, a new trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One was revealed. And it is phenomenal! Now this is how you make a trailer. There is almost nothing that spoilers the film, or at least not without context. Take note studios, this is how you make a trailer! And all the scenes of the Imperials look incredible. Even though it is CGI, the Star Destroyers look just like the original models used in Star Wars (1977). The tone is serious and war movie-like, yet not dark for the sake of darkness. Alan Tudyk plays humorously deadpan droid, K-2SO, and Donnie Yen looks absolutely awesome (seriously, go watch the Ip Man trilogy to understand why). Everything about this trailer makes me excited for Rogue One! And after an abysmal and disappointing summer of movies, Rogue One is what we need to redeem a slow year by December. What did you think of the trailer? Please comment below and check back soon for my review of Suicide Squad!

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  1. It's looking good to me too! I was wondering why we hadn't seen any of Alan Tudyk yet, and then the robot showed up and I realized. Oh well -- he does great voice acting too. ;P


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