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Top 10 TV Comedies: Part 3

The Top 10 TV Comedies of All-Time comes to a close with the final three entries on the list!

3: Frasier
A spinoff of the popular Cheers TV series, Frasier might the most consistently high quality TV comedy ever made. Every TV series is bound to have moments of weak writing, and yet Frasier, despite 11 seasons and 264 episodes, rarely features a truly weak episode. Not every episode is the funniest thing ever, although many episodes are, even the weaker ones make you laugh several times. Honestly, Frasier is the type of comedy that everyone could at least get something out of and that everyone should watch because it is not especially crude, or at least no more so than Seinfeld. The series follows Frasier Crane, his brother Niles, their father, Martin, and the physiotherapist, Daphne Moon as they go about their everyday life, and even though it is a spinoff, having only seen a handful of Cheers episodes, you can watch Frasier without any prior knowledge.
Watch on: Netflix, Hulu

2: Seinfeld
If you haven't lived under a rock your entire life, chances are you have at least heard of Seinfeld, if not seen or heard it referenced at some points. Seinfeld, described as "a show about nothing," obviously did a lot of something to become probably the most popular and well known comedy of all-time, and for good reason, it is absolutely hysterical! The series follows a fictionalized version of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends in New York and all of the insane misadventures that the group gets themselves into. If you somehow have not seen Seinfeld, what the heck are you doing!? Watch it! It's beyond a classic!
Watch on: Hulu
1: Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation is very much a personal pick as it is a favorite of mine (obviously, hence its ranking). After watching Seinfeld and the old classic comedies, the new brand of comedies like The Office and Arrested Development never seemed to interest me enough to watch. However, after Guardians of the Galaxy, I desperately needed more of the hysterical Chris Pratt, which led me to Parks and Recreation, and thus my doorway to many modern comedies in the Single-Camera style. Parks and Recreation finds the perfect middle ground between character drama and humor, and while Seinfeld or Frasier might be funnier, Parks and Recreation's characters are incredibly likable and quirky. With that said, Parks and Rec being number one is much more of a biased subjective pick as any of the other comedies on this list could be number one depending on your taste in humor. Regardless, they are all worth watching!
Watch on: Netflix, Hulu

Honorable Mention: Psych
Psych is a crime mystery drama with a heavy dose of comedy blended throughout. Often times, it is funnier than the majority of comedies, yet smarter than the majority of drama crimes. Since Psych does not fall into the usual definition of a comedy sitcom, it does not qualify for the list. However, if it did, Psych would likely be number one thanks to its ingenious humor and mysteries.
Watch on: Netflix

What are your favorite comedies? What do you think of my picks? Please comment below and let me know!

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  1. Man, Fraiser's rewatchability is near zero as is its legacy. The fact that it won like 4 or 5 Emmys for Best Comedy is laughable. No one in their right mind watches that show these days. Seinfeld should have won all those years. Fraiser is so overrated from an awards standpoint. It's a joke how successful that show is. End rant lol.

    1. Really? While I agree that Seinfeld should have won more, but I guess that is your opinion.


  2. Seinfeld at number two and Park and Rec at number one sounds just right to me. :)

    Psych is also very awesome, but I found it's later seasons to dwindle on the smartness and the humor. But in it's heyday... man.

    1. Thanks! And well, I am actually still watching Psych. I am currently on season 5, so I haven't gotten to the later part yet, I suppose. :)


  3. FRASIER. HOW DOES ONE NOT LOVE THAT SHOW, ITS ONE OF THE MOST SOPHISTICATED AND HYSTERICAL COMEDIES EVER CREATED, WITH THE MOST BRILLIANT, LOVABLE CAST OF CHARACTERS EVER ASSEMBLED, WITH THE MOST CLEVER AMOUNT WRITING AND COMEDIC TIMING I'VE EVER SEEN. If The Office didn't hold such a personal reason for being my number one favorite, Frasier could HANDS DOWN EASILY be a candidate for my number one comedy ever! I'M SO GLAD YOU'VE BEEN WATCHING IT AND LOVE IT! ASJKDLFAJSKDLFAJLSDFJLAJSFLJADSKF;J *continues to freak out, goes insane, and through haze finds phone to call Dr. Crane for psychological help.* ;)

    Oh and Seinfeld!!!!!!! I love that show too; not quite as much as Frasier, but it's definitely brilliant and completely LOVABLE in it's own way too! <3

    and Parks and Rec!!!!! I'M BASICALLY ANDY AND I REGRET NOTHING. XD The first three or four seasons were especially hysterical and lovable and sharp. Also Ron Swanson is a freaking legend. XD

    and I need to give Psych another try, just for you. XD



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